About The Bearded Ballet Dancer

Hi, I’m The Bearded Ballet Dancer, otherwise known as Michael. I’m a beginner! Both in the worlds of blogging and of ballet. There is nothing like a baptism of fire to combine both activities at the same time. Well, I’ve never been known to do things by half, so here I am. In true ballet style “Ta-Da!”.


The purpose (if indeed you would like to attach a purpose to it) of this blog is to share my experiences of learning ballet, not only as an adult, but as a male adult.

I took my very first ballet class in February 2016, and have indeed been caught by the ballet-bug.

I’m happily married, live in the UK, ex-Army and a full-time graphic designer. Ballet is something that I do for fun, ‘blow the cobwebs off’ with and as a physical and emotional release.

Please feel free to send me a message, but please try to keep it ‘en pointe’ <ballet pun #1>

Thank you,