The Russian State Ballet of Siberia -Coppélia & Swan Lake

I am, as always, utterly blown away when I see a professional ballet company perform on stage and to watch performances on two consecutive nights, by The Russian State Ballet of Siberia, was an absolute honour. Having the ‘smallest of small’ working knowledges of ballet that I have, helps to hit home just how good these dancers are. The effortless lines, the musicality, the exquisite jumps, lifts and turns that they execute 100’s of times in one ballet. I really am in utter awe of anyone who has the ability and drive to make, what I purely do for pleasure, a career. I know that ballet is with me to stay now. It’s part of who I am. It’s a part of the jigsaw of my life that interconnects with so many other parts of my life now and I am so thankful that I decided to pursue something that, at the beginning, was such a shot in the dark 😊


New Year, New Class!

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone! I can’t quite believe where last year went. Honestly, I think I blinked and missed it! 🙂


This week was the first week back at class and both myself and my wife have moved up to ‘Improvers’ from ‘Beginners’. We were both so excited when we asked our teacher at the end of last term whether she felt we were ready to move up. She, in turn, spoke to the ballet mistress at the school and she gave her approval. We were both over the moon!

Fortunately we have the same teacher in both classes, so at least we knew someone in the new class. I won’t deny that the new class was tough! We ended up doing grand ronde de jambes, penchés, attitudes, ALL THE MOVES! 😉

I even surprised our teacher when she remarked to me, after we did turns, that I ended up facing the correct way! I even got a ‘nice’ for my tendus! 🙂

The other people in the class were friendly and we had a nice laugh with them. Mixed abilities in the class, I would say. Some of the dancers were VERY good and others were about the same technical ability as my wife and myself, so we certainly didn’t feel out of place.

So, here’s to an awesome 2017, where I know that my learning curve will go vertical for a little while! 😉