Summer Break-up

My ballet school closes for 6 weeks over the Summer Holiday! Oh my word, what on earth am I going to do????

Fortunately I still have my online ballet classes, via Sleek Technique, to do, but I am so going to miss the weekly routine of packing my ballet bag and driving off to my class.

Rumours have it that one of the teachers sometimes runs a holiday class over the Summer months, with all differing abilities, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed it will happen otherwise I am going to be ridiculously underpracticed by the time the new term starts.

Some of the other adult ballet dancers that I speak to, from different parts of the country/world are also having this happen to them, and some of them are even going to the lengths of hiring their individual studios, bringing in their own music and having a ‘class of their own’. Not sure that this would be possible with where I dance, so if the Summer class doesn’t happen, then I will just have to make do with ‘home study’.

Maybe I could learn a new (and additional) ballet skill??? Like ballet notation, possibly……