‘All The Gear and No Idea’ aka ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’

When I used to rock climb, I would always seem to climb better with new shoes on. Rock climbing shoes, similar to ballet shoes/slippers, are purpose-built and technically designed to work with your feet to provide the best support necessary for you to execute specific moves.

Now, call it psychosomatic, but it always did seem to have a more positive effect, and I am finding that in ballet too. I find that if I dress like a dancer, think like a dancer and act like a dancer, then eventually I will be a better dancer. ‘Self-fulfilling prophecy’ and all that!

I don’t really care if I’m the only one in the class that is wearing a ‘ballet uniform’ of sorts. I don’t care if I’ve only been dancing for 6 months but have gone out and bought warm-up pants, or specific ballet clothes, where a tracksuit and tshirt would probably suffice. I guess it’s that if I feel I ‘look the part’, then I’m going to feel better about myself, and in turn dance better, because I’m not worried about what I’m wearing.

I guess a lot of it goes back to being a kid, where I may not have had the most expensive pair of trainers, or the coolest bag for school, or the ‘right’ type of pencil case, or whatever was ‘socially important’ (sic) back then. Well now, being an adult, and having an income where I can spend it on (to a certain extent) where I like, I can go out and ‘splash a bit of cash’ on some new ballet gear. And hey, if it makes me feel better about myself, then who am I to argue?