Jedi Mind Tricks on My Feet

I often feel that I really do have to ‘will’ my body into doing what my mind is telling it to do. ‘Bend, damn you! Bend!’ It’s not that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing (not all the time, anyway!) It’s that my body just won’t bloody well cooperate! 

It’s like doing foot circles, with toes flexed when rotating my ankle inwards, and extended when rotating outwards. Sounds easy enough…yeah right! Firstly, my circles are more like squares.

You would think with the anatomy of the foot, that it would make sense for them to rotate in nice, round, circles.

Then why oh why, do they make more right angles than a GCSE geometry exam?? Add to that flexing and extended my toes in the same exercise.

Flex inwards, extend outwards!
I said extend! No…extend….exxxxxxxxteeeeeend!
Okay then, you don’t want to.
You just want to do your own thing, like you don’t even belong to me!
Okay, let’s just stop here.
That’s right.
Now flex!
Okay, cool, got that!
Now do the same thing whilst I’m rotating through my ankle!
Can’t do two things at once?

So, yep, Jedi mind trick…not working on my feet yet. Must believe in the force more!!