Inspirational Dancers – Sarah Hay

Sarah Hay, originally from Princeton, New Jersey, played Claire Robbins in the television series Flesh and Bone. This wasn’t her tv debut though, as she was also a member of the corps de ballet in the hit film Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman.

Prior to this, Sarah was a student at the American Ballet Theatre, and prior to this she attended the School of American Ballet, based in New York City.

For her leading role in Flesh and Bone, Sarah was one of more than a thousand ballet dancers who applied for the lead role in the film. It only took the choreographer, Ethan Stiefel, an hour to decide that Sarah was right for the role, after her NY audition.


Image copyright Starz Inc. 2016

Not only is Sarah an incredible ballet dancer, but she is also a formidable actress. For her part in Flesh and Bone, Sarah won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a miniseries, a Satellite Award for Best Actress in a miniseries and the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries.

It is obvious from the very outset of Flesh and Bone that Sarah is a professional dancer. Her line is impeccable and the emotive connection that she makes during, not only her centre work, but also her barre practice, leaps off of the television screen and hits you square in the chest!

Seeing Sarah in Flesh and Bone was one of the pinnacle points that made me take up ballet as an adult. Watching Sarah honestly made me want to dance.