Ballet Kit Review – Natural Wood Ribbed Foot Roller


Cost = £7.32 & FREE Delivery in the UK

Purchased from = Amazon

I saw a video on YouTube posted by user Lisa Maree ( on ballet feet exercises and noticed that she used a wooden foot roller in it. She did say on the video that you can use a tennis ball, if you didn’t have a foot roller, so gave this a go the first time.

I had a quick look on Amazon and found one that was a really good price, so bought it through Amazon and it arrived a few days after.

I used it the next time I did the YouTube video and it really did make a massive difference. What a crazy feeling, the first time you ever do foot rolling. Using it for 30 seconds on each foot at the start and at the end of the video really brought all of the muscles in the sole of your feet to life. Not painful at all, and as it has two rubber rings on each end of the roller, it stops it slipping all over the place when you use it on a laminate floor. I have tried it on carpet and it works equally as well, but I do my feet exercises in the hallway that has laminate wooden flooring.


At this price, you really can’t go wrong and I’m feeling the benefit in my arching already by using this rather nifty bit of ballet kit! Well worth it!