Time To Go Shopping!

Well, being a man, and having a new hobby, I just had to go buy some kit for it! I tend to do that. Get a hobby and buy EVERYTHING to do with. Even if I have no idea how to use it.

Fortunately with ballet, so it seemed at the time, the only things I ‘needed’ was some ballet shoes and some clothes. I still had running gear, so didn’t really need to worry about that, but the shoes were definitely something that I wanted/needed!

I’m vegan, so I knew that I wanted to get some synthetic shoes. I did a quick Google search and came across Cynthia King Ballet Shoes, based in New York.

At $24.95 plus shipping, I was really happy to pay for these. It meant that I would have to do my online classes in barefoot until they arrived from the US, but I was fine with that.

A few short weeks later, and the shoes arrived in the post. I had to pay a small customs charge, but hey, I wanted my shoes!


Because I had worn rock climbing shoes before, I was used to the fact that the shoes should be tight fitting, but not hurting. And I knew that when I got a bit hotter doing my online ballet workouts (and yes, they are definitely workouts) my feet would get a bit bigger and fill-out the shoes a bit more.

The simple criss-cross elastics kept the shoes in place, and I have to say, they were really quite comfortable. Again, after doing rock climbing and being used to having my feet a little ‘uncomfortable’, these were a breeze!

I felt pretty good wearing them for my next online class, and I know that ‘clothes don’t maketh the man’ but I genuinly thought I danced a little better with the ballet shoes on!