My First Online Ballet Class…

So, I became a fully paid up member of Sleek Technique, back in February and had a look on the site for a fairly easy class to take, for my very first attempt at ballet.

Fortunately, there was a section on the site marked ‘Beginners’ so I picked a streaming video called ‘Classical Cardio Intro’. The title seemed pretty self-explanatory and the video was only 14minutes long, so I thought to myself ‘How hard can it be? It’s only 14 minutes!’

Ha ha ha ha!! How funny, and oh so naive! Despite the fact that it was only 14 minutes long, I used muscles that I honestly never knew existed. And the burn I felt happened really, really quick!

The good thing is, like a few online yoga classes I’ve taken, you can pretty much go into them ‘from cold’. The exercises at the beginning of the class act as a warm-up, so no chance of getting injured.

Needless to say, after the first lesson, I could tell straight away that this was going to do the job. I was a good 35lbs heavier them than I am now, so it did take a bit more of an effort to get myself moving, but nevertheless at the end of the class, with the clear and concise instructions given by Flik and Victoria from Sleek, I knew that this was going to be money well spent!