Sorry, But My Feet Just Won’t Bend That Way…

So, at 40 years old, I decided to take up ballet! :O Why? Oh Why? Oh Why?

I’ve always enjoyed the music of the ballet, and my wife and I have been to see a few, so when I was thinking of what I can do to get fit, that would be fun, ballet sprang to mind. I had no idea how I was going to do it; I didn’t know if it was only kids, or professional dancers, who took ballet classes. I really wasn’t quite sure where to look.

So, to Google! Search term ‘online ballet class’. Well, there was no way that I was going to go to an ACTUAL class. (Not yet, anyway). It was definitely going to have to be online, maybe YouTube. And that was where I found Sleek Technique, run by Flick and Victoria, both professional ballet dancers. Watching the intro video was encouraging. Despite the fact that the shapes that Flick & Victoria were making with their feet seemed impossible to me to start with, both presenters certainly seemed to know their stuff and were incredibly friendly.

Our live online classes and streaming workout are accessible, convenient and open to all levels. All you need is your laptop, tablet or smartphone, internet and a small space. – Sleek Technique

The option on the site to pay for a subscription was considerably ‘keener priced’ than a gym membership, however I was slightly wary of being the only male on the site and I certainly didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression by my being there. The site had two main areas, live classes, or pre-recorded streaming classes, split into ‘beginner, intermediate and advanced’. I quite fancied a go at the streaming classes, so dropped a quick mail to Flick & Victoria, asking them whether I would be the only guy on the site, and if it was ‘okay’ for me to join up.

I was delighted when I received a lovely message back encouraging me to join up and give it a go. They said that they did have other men in the site, and there would be no reason for anyone to think of an ‘alternative reason’ for me being on there. My fears of people having the wrong impression were immediately waylaid and I felt that it would be a good move to give it a go.

So, I parted with my pennies and joined the site….